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Level 2 Yoga Teacher

Some years ago, I began to attend yoga classes with the view to gaining some fitness and muscle tone, but found that yoga gave me so much more.

Not only did yoga present the chance to challenge myself both physically and mentally, but also gain a feeling of calm and well-being.

In 2007, I commenced my yoga teacher training and in 2008 was given the opportunity to do what I love. I have been teaching and studying yoga ever since and find each day I learn something new and have the joy of being able to pass this on to others.

Teaching a dynamic and flowing form of yoga, I enjoy introducing different elements of yoga into class. This has the benefit of students being shown a wide range of postures and approaches and learning about the many different aspects of yoga including breathing techniques and relaxation.

I look forward to practicing together.





Pilates Business Owner and Instructor

Hi there, I moved to Cleveland by the bay in 2015 with my husband and 3 children. During our move I injured my lower back and this strictly inhibited my ability to move on a daily basis. I got professional help and was advised to try Pilates to strengthen my lower back. EUREKA that was the day I discovered Pilates and I have never looked back since.....from the first day I was in love <3 .

Pilates has benefited me in sooo many ways, my back pain has gone away after just 4 weeks, I have much improved flexibility but most importantly Pilates has given me a much better rounded lifestyle.

Pilates is my new found love and I am passionate about your self care and offer you the space and time to breathe and discover what “New Dawn Pilates and Yoga” can do for you too .

I look forward to welcoming you in our studio




Pilates Instructor

Hello. My name is Claudine. I began practicing Pilates around 15 years ago after the birth of my first child. I decided to become an instructor as I love the way Pilates makes me feel and I want everyone to experience that feeling.

I enjoy teaching all types of Pilates. Matwork is my most favourite to do, it is a beautiful and effective way to condition the body. For me, Pilates is a cornerstone of wellness. Movement, concentration and engaging both the mind and body is so important for good health and happiness.



Pilates Instructor



Yoga/Meditation Teacher



Pilates Instructor

Vivian was first introduced to Pilates over 16 years ago. After many years of working in offices, her posture from a desk job made her suffer with back pain. During the time she attended Pilates classes she noticed that she was not in pain every day. She was regaining muscular strength that she had lost and found her body was toning up, she felt so good.

In 2016, she decided to give up her office job and start her training to become a Pilates Instructor, completing her Anatomy, Mat and Reformer Certification through Studio Pilates.

Whether you’re training solo or attending group classes, Vivian offers an individual experience focusing on your unique needs and goals. Her passion lies in helping clients move and strengthen from the inside out, with a special emphasis on correct alignment.

Vivian’s dedication to physical health, her strong energy, and a genuine love for helping people achieve their full potential; provide her clients with a custom, effective experience. Strengthening the body and mind has a direct impact on one’s overall happiness.

In her free time, Vivian enjoys spending time with her family, going out of their boat, and enjoying life to the fullest.