Hello my name is Dawn and I am the creator of “New Dawn Pilates & Yoga”.

Prepare yourself for a transformation.

At “New Dawn Pilates & Yoga” we work with Men and Women aged between 12 and 70+ who are committed to being their best version of themselves!!

Self care starts here…...Often our daily lifestyle is the cause of discomfort as on a daily basis we either sit, drive or stand for long periods of time or consistently bend over and lift heavy weights. “New Dawn Pilates & Yoga” ethos is first and foremost “Self Care” . This has to be everyones priority in order ro promote a healthier lifestyle. Start your journey today….

Struggling with knowing what to do to improve your well-being? Have you tried various other means of exercise and/ or medication but nothing is helping on a permanent basis?.

Feeling tired, stressed and overworked? It is time someone made sure you are looking after yourself! Feel the benefits now…..

Our clients want to feel great about themselves physically and mentally as well as feeling fit and healthy. Being able to move freely is a life without limitation. Enjoy a higher quality of life and be happy!

We are passionate about creating a supportive environment to help you reach your goal as soon as possible. We are friendly, approachable and encouraging and recognise that sometimes that first step towards exercise can be daunting. Individual classes are available by appointment as well as group classes to suit everyone.

 We support our clients through their individual journeys mentally and physically. Additionally we bring together a community of people going through similar circumstances to create extra support as our clients are all amazingly, kind, fun people. Our professional approach ensures that clients/classes receive tailor made programmes that deliver results, increase confidence and someone that can tell them exactly what to do!

My Story

I was born in Wales, UK where I grew up with three older sisters. My working life has always consisted of working in a Corporate Finance role in the Public Sector (for over 30 years!!!). Nine years ago I suffered a major life changing event resulting in depression and anxiety. This event made me realise how precious life can be and how important it is to live life to the fullest and embrace new challenges and opportunities as they arise!!

Nearly three years ago I emigrated to Cleveland, Australia with my husband and three children. It was during our move I suffered with a bad back and visited an Osteopath. It was here that I heard about Pilates!!. My Osteopath suggested I try Pilates to strengthen my back (and I have never looked back!!!). Pilates definitely boosted my rehabilitation in terms of my back and also helped me deal with my anxiety and have a clearer mind. After each session my pain lessened and I began to feel pain free after a few sessions.

I attended Pilates classes many times a week and am pleased to say my back soon felt better, by this time I had the Pilates bug and continued to attend multiple classes frequently!! . I was taking part in 4 sessions a week, (so I got to know my body and its limits, what I should and should not be doing).  

Now I have never felt stronger, I’m strong from the inside out, I have worked on protecting my body from future injury and it’s something I will always work on. I never want to be worried about my back again. Pilates also helped me discover self care and mindfulness. This passion has transferred into me wanting to help others discover the benefits I feel on a daily basis.  Teaching people to care for themselves (mind and body!!) and not make the same mistakes as I did!One day I read about Pilates Instructor classes and I immediately signed up for these….. Suddenly I had found my new passion!!!! I have always loved being around  “People”, I love meeting new people, hearing their stories and helping others.

Our move across the world inspired me to explore other avenues, taking on board my new found passion I decided to start instructing Pilates which I love .From my personal injury  and life lessons I discovered Pilates and have created “New Dawn Pilates & Yoga”  and our ethos is to improve your lifestyle through better self care, mindfulness and all round well being and fitness.

I also have a business coach/mentor who I have invested in heavily recently and she is helping me with my mindset and outlook on life. I am still working on myself and my body constantly so I can be the best I can for you. Not only have I been lucky enough to find a second passion that I can make a career out of but I get to work with amazing, motivated, committed people who are determined to increase their quality of life through Pilates. You never know you could be next.

Love Dawn x

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